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We are a team of Glideapps Certified Experts.

We are specialized in creating amazing templates and app development to get you fully customizable apps.

We believe that with the use of No-Code and Glide Apps,



We want your business to look great, this is why we want your app to have a great user experience and user interface with a fully customizable app design.


Using No Code tools will allow you to have your app developed in no time, compared to endless programming months.


In the world we live in, we need to be efficient. For this we give you a practical tool, not a fancy framework that we get you an efficient and affordable app.


We are a team of GlideApps Certified Experts. We believe that anything is possible with Glideapps, so if you need a more efficient business, GET IN TOUCH!

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Horizon Apps Agency | Glide Apps Agency & Templates

On-line Store

Horizon Apps Agency | Glide Apps Agency & Templates

A Personalized Itinerary

Horizon Apps Agency | Glide Apps Agency & Templates

Teri’s Hometown Farm


What Our Clients Say.

“The team is really good to work with. I have been working on various projects with apps where he has collaborated. He is patient and always look for different ways to find a solution to the case at hand.

I highly recommend them!"

Javier Odoardi


Unbelievable! That’s what I can say about the team’s patience, Persistence and Perseverance in working with my ever changing needs. The result is a perfectly laid out website any one can use. Thank you for giving way more than I paid for or asked for.

Theresa Lisenby

Teri's Hometown Farm

Trabajar con el equipo de Horizon Apps Agency es muy fácil y sencillo. Ellos se preocupan por los detalles y de qué la app se adapte a lo que necesitas. Realmente han hecho que mi negocio entre en la era tecnológica de una manera rápida.

Francis Noguera

Dulce Rays

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