Benefits of a custom mobile application

Santiago Perez

Hello! If you are an entrepreneur, business person, teacher, lawyer, taxi driver, etc., perhaps you think that having a personalized mobile application is only for large companies that can invest large amounts of money in an app. Let me tell you that this is part of the past, today technology advances by leaps and bounds and has changed the perspective to the point that no matter how big your business is or what you do, you can now have your own app and in just minutes . In this article I will tell you what are the benefits of having your own app for you and your business.

With your personalized app you can have a series of benefits that ultimately translate into time and money savings.

  1. Organize your clients / students / ideas / information.

You can have all the information regarding your business / activity in one place and configure it in the way that best suits your needs.

  1. Automate processes.

You can send emails, invoices, summaries, contracts, qualifications, etc. once all the required information is in your app and with the touch of a button.

  1. Have all your samples accessible to your clients.

You can have all the information related to the products you sell, photos, description, price, discounts, etc. and thus you avoid having to respond to WhatsApp messages every time one of your customers is interested in buying something from you. Your customers can review the app, see what is available and buy it directly from your app.

  1. Receive payments.

One of the benefits that many app owners seem to like is that they can receive payments directly from their app using Stripe, Paypal, Venmo, Mercado Pago, among others, and this generates in a certain way a passive money inflow.

  1. Conduct surveys or direct communication with your customers.

If you need to collect information from your users, you can do it directly from the app without having to hire someone else to do the survey for you. At the end of the survey you can see graphs of the different answers that your clients / students have given.

  1. Have direct and real access to your product inventory.

You can immediately see what is available in your inventory every time a sale occurs since the app is updated in real time.

  1. Carry out scheduling in an automated way.

Do you have a very busy schedule? You can have a scheduling system in your app that is linked to your calendar and let your students schedule private classes with you at any time.

  1. Place information in your app and have it reflected directly in your app and in your database.

Every time you or your users place any information in the app, it will be immediately reflected in your database as well as in your app.

  1. Manage your app directly

You can create a control panel in your app that allows you to see the progress of your sales, students, and in turn organize the app in some other way according to your dashboard and needs.

  1. Improve the productivity of your employees.

Your employees will be able to finish your business processes faster since the app allows you to add information once said process is finished, which translates into saved time.

  1. Improve mobility

With your personalized app installed on your phone, you no longer have to carry your tablet and / or laptop as the app allows you to do everything you need from your phone.

  1. Finally, save time and money

The productivity of your business will increase since the processes related to the database will be done immediately. This will give you more time to focus on other projects and have more money in your pocket.  

Here are links to sample apps so you can see the possibilities of having a custom app.

If you are interested in knowing in what other way an app adds benefits to your business, activity, profession and / or hobby, the team of Horizon Apps Agency is available to clarify your doubts, simply visit our website and schedule a call.

Santiago Pérez

Founder of Horizon Apps Agency

Glideapps Certified Expert