How to create an app without Google sheets formulas in Glide Apps.

Santiago Perez

Hello! Thank you for visiting the Horizon Apps Agency Blog. If you are here it is because you are interested in knowing how to improve the speed and functionality of your app made with Glideapps. Also, if you are like me, it means that it is difficult for you to handle the Google formulas which from time to time get a bit complicated, in addition to making the app work very slowly, if you make a mistake in a comma, period, sign they always give an error and you must start over.

One of the reasons why your app works slowly is because Glide must send the information to the google spreadsheet and then wait for google to update said data and then bring it back to Glide and finally display it in your app. This process takes approximately 3 to 5 seconds. There are those for whom that waiting time is not much, but with advances in technology, much more can be done in those 5 seconds of waiting and your Glide App can be more dynamic and attractive.

When Glideapps was released in February 2019, all the functionality and logic of your Glide App had to be done with Google Sheets formulas so that the app could perform mathematical calculations. However, in just months of this, they developed the Glide Editor (GDE) where you can now perform your relationships, mathematical calculations and logic without having to resort to Google sheets formulas. I do not mean that formulas are not used in google since there may be certain cases in which it is convenient to use formulas such as IMPORTRANGE, GOOGLETRANSLATE among others. However, in the case of ARRAYFORMULA where you need to write certain data when a cell is full, you can use an IF-THEN-ELSE column or a TEMPLATE column or a combination of both. Another case is the use of the UNIQUE formula which can be replaced by a relation that matches the same data on the same sheet or on some other sheet. The trick here is to know what you want and how you want it to happen and the safest thing is that using a relationship and the combination of several columns you will get it.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to convert an app that had a number of formulas to generate a customer’s order into an app that only uses the Glide editor to process the same order. With the use of the GDE I was able to recreate what each formula did and get Glide, through the use of Templates, Math-Columns and Relationships, to do exactly the same as Google sheets does and in less time and BONUS: we eliminated a sheet or workbook. which translates into fewer rows for your app. The reason why the process is done much faster is because the calculations and logic are performed on each user’s device and Glide does not have to use the server to send the information and wait for Google to be ready to forward it to Glide again. and finally to the user’s telephone number.

The result and a better explanation of this process can be found in the following video: and you can also try both apps for yourself to see how quickly the calculations are made.

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Santiago Pérez

Founder of Horizon Apps Agency

Glideapps Certified Expert