Tools to increase the capacity of your Glide App

Santiago Perez

Hello! If you have been using Glideapps to develop your Glide App, you may have already realized that Glide has some limitations such as that there is no way to send notifications directly from the app. This makes a lot of people think that Glide isn’t a great gig, which it is. To maximize the power of Glide and all the Apps that can be made with this incredible platform, you can integrate your Apps with 3rd party apps. But how do you do that?

Here is a short list of the platforms that allow you to integrate APIs, Images, payment ports, graphics, icons among others to your glide App and provide comfort, security and a great experience to your users.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect your Glide App with other tools using zaps to create notifications, databases, information, etc. If you don’t want to use your Glide zaps, you can connect your Google Sheets to zap and send a notification when a new row is created in your database and through the Zapier connection: Google Sheets> Gmail you can send an email to your admin App notifying you that a new order has been created.

Here I leave you a video, that I made some time ago, on how it is done.

Integromat is a tool that allows you to connect your Glide App with other applications and/or databases by using webhooks to create notifications, databases, information, etc.

With the Glide App> Integromat integration you can send your IG, twitter and Facebook posts with the touch of a button using webhooks. You can also make integrations to send emails, text messages, among others. The possibilities are endless since you can connect your Glide App to a number of applications and platforms.

It is a tool that allows you to create dynamic payment ports with the use of URLs and processes your clients’ payments through Stripe. You can create payment ports for subscriptions, for one-time charges and even donations. Payhere can be integrated using the URL or template column.

It is a tool where you can find a significant number of graphics that are presented in your Glide App through an image component. These charts are totally dynamic and will change their information as the data changes within your App.

Here is an app where there are several Quickchart charts.

Tool that allows you to edit images without using an editor. By using and manipulating the parameters of a URL you can change the size, shape, brightness, effects among other aspects of your image to place it within your app. One of the wonders of cloudinary is that if your Glide App is multi-lingual, you can change the text of said image without having to create and edit as many images as there are languages ​​in your app.

Taken from Cloudinary

Unsplash has a large collection of images that you can use for free in your App and even better it is included in Glide. If you use a column of “Images” and after double clicking on the cell where you want to add a photo, the Unsplash interface opens directly for you to add the photo you want.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen_Shot_2021-04-15_at_9.58.05_AM.png

APIs in its simplest form of explanation is a group of definitions and applications that work in an intrinsic way to bring information. For example, let’s say you have an app that has news about your community, and you want to add a space that allows you to show the current weather of your city. The open weather map API is used for this, so you don’t have to manually set the weather in your app. Unfortunately, Glide does not have an API column that allows us to bring information to the app immediately, (although it is under construction) however, here we can use several tools to achieve this and one of them is the integromat webhook integrated with your Google sheets.

Just as you can make that connection with the weather through an API, there are millions of other things you can do with APIs to give your app more functionality.

To close this article, I also leave you a short video of how a Glide App can control an iRobot. I did this integration using another platform called IFTTT which has been on the market for much longer than Zapier and Integromat and you can do much more with your Glide App and your electronic devices.

If you are interested in giving your apps more power and scope, I invite you to play with these platforms and integrations and I remind you that the team of Horizon Apps Agency can help you integrate more and more platforms into your MVP, just visit our website and schedule a call.

Santiago Pérez

Founder of Horizon Apps Agency

Glideapps Certified Expert